What is seQRity?

It is an advanced deterrent to theft that is based on the marking of vehicle glasses and that further innovates the concept of global protection.

How does it differ from seemingly competitive products?

The experience in the field of the fight against the illicit traffic of vehicles at international level has allowed the development of a product that creates a logical / informative connection of the vehicle with its documents and with the original license plates assigned during the registration.
Likewise, the use of special materials with peculiar characteristics – that the police of the whole world already know and use in the control of the authenticity of the identity of the vehicles – makes seQRity an easily usable product for the verification of the vehicle’s identification data.

Can I fit the product on my own?

Although the installation of the seQRity kit in the vehicle is intuitive, we have
specialized installation centers throughout the territory.

If the vehicle is sold, is it possible to put the seQRity on behalf of the new owner?

Of course! The seQRity database has also been developed to be able to manage vehicle ownership changes.

Who can access the data of the owner of a vehicle marked with seQRity?

seQRity allows everyone to know the true identity of the vehicle in which it is installed. Through a protected access, the Police Forces, instead, are able to visualize not only the data of the car but also those of the legitimate owner.

In my area there are still no workshops where I can install seQRity in my vehicle. How can I do?

Tell us. We will contact some qualified workshops that will be able to manage the installation of the product on your vehicle.

Other questions?

We are here to answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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